Architectural Documentation – Part 2: Level of Accuracy

Measurement of existing buildings for design and renovation purposes is a service that has traditionally been performed either in house by architectural firms or outsourced to firms specializing in this practice. Using a variety of different techniques these measurements are usually taken either the old fashioned way with a tape measure and pencil, utilizing a […]

Architectural Documentation- Part 1: Measuring “OUT” of the Box

Building renovations or additions currently make up the majority of architectural projects. Healthcare, educational, commercial, industrial and even residential development more often than not now includes some type of renovation to an existing structure. With over 70% of construction falling into this category it is more imperative than ever architectural offices get off to the […]

3D Machine Control Modeling. Now THAT’S Cool!

We know that 3D modeling in the building design and construction world is gaining steam and has been shown to substantially cut construction costs and decrease construction time. But how can 3D modeling be useful with pushing dirt and installing site utilities? Well, just as impressive as BIM, is 3D machine control modeling. Just as […]

Enhancements in Software

ReCap Studio 3D technologies are becoming more prominent in the A/E/C communities — and why not? Just imagine if we lived and functioned on a daily basis in two dimensions. (At least we wouldn’t have to worry about working out more often and losing weight!) recapObviously, we live and function in a three dimensional world. […]

Welcome to the Future!

By now we’ve all heard of BIM (Building Information Modeling or Building Infrastructure Modeling, depending on your area of expertise). You may not understand it, you may not have used it, but you know it involves 3D technology and it’s been proven to save sizable time and money on construction projects. You probably also know […]