As one of a select few engineering and surveying firms authorized by the FAA to utilize UAVs for commercial purposes, LandTech has developed the protocol and procedures to ensure accurate mapping and measurements to produce traditional survey quality results. Projects can be mapped in a fraction of the time when compared to conventional surveying techniques, and results obtained within days as opposed to weeks, helping to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Our UAV fleet, operated by experienced and skilled professionals, can provide a substantial improvement in the data collection time frame while ensuring the highest accuracy in data collection resulting in competitive pricing for our clients and your projects. Below are just some of the advantages of UAV data collection:

  • Substantial cost savings when compared to conventional survey methods
  • Fast turnaround of project deliverables
  • Survey grade accuracies (2-3 cm)
  • Data can be georeferenced to existing site controls
  • Minimal impact to site operations
  • Accurate DTM creation and contour mapping suitable for design and volumetric analysis
  • High-quality ortho-photography suitable for planimetric mapping directly in AutoCAD

Our objective is to deliver the highest quality products that meet not only your accuracy requirements, but also your mapping goals. This begins with understanding your needs, determining the best approach to your project, and developing quality mapping products in an efficient manner.