Not too long ago a typical survey crew consisted of three men with an electronic distance meter and a level. Each crew member had their job of keeping notes, operating the instruments or running the “rod”.  Land was much less valuable too.

Today’s technology requires as much knowledge of electronics and computers as it does surveying. No one piece of survey equipment is ideal for all jobs. Although three man survey crews still exist and in fact are best for some jobs, you are more likely to see a survey crew from LandTech consisting of two or even one man. They are more likely to utilize robotic survey equipment or global positioning system equipment than conventional survey equipment, all with the intention of completing your project faster, more efficient, and more cost effective. We even have the capacity to send the information gathered in the field back to the office and have a complete plot before the survey crew ever gets back, or if required, show you the information before they even leave the site! Within hours, data can be in the hands of design engineers or  on your architects desk.

For construction layout, you can’t afford to have expensive equipment waiting for the survey crew or worse yet, waiting while they run back to the office to obtain new calculations. With the use of robotics and GPS, you’ll rarely find this to be the case.

Let LandTech perform your next survey project and put our technology to work for you!