LandTech employs the latest surveying technology, utilizing 3D High Definition Survey Laser Scanning for documentation of existing infrastructure & buildings. Laser scanning with capture rates of up to 1 million data points per second allows us to collect an incredible amount of information in a very short time. All data points are captured in three dimensions resulting in very accurate documentation of the existing conditions. Data can be captured at substantial distances without needing to physically access the item being documented, allowing for operation out of harms way.

LandTech Consultants combines experience with technology to employ the right equipment for each application to provide the most complete & accurate data for a successful project. Often it isn’t enough to simply laser scan a project for documentation. LandTech capitalizes on over 25 years in the surveying industry, supplementing laser scanning activities with robotic total stations and the latest GPS equipment. Utilizing robotics, LandTech has the expertise to locate scanning targets to assure a tight survey grade control system for tying multiple scans together. Scanning data can then be tied to your choice of co-ordinate system utilizing GPS.